Christmas Shopping Crime Warning

Posted: December 10, 2015

We are in the Holiday Season. This means for most more shopping, visiting family and friends, and having more things on our minds then our safety and security.


Thieves target this time of year knowing that we sometimes forget to do the basic things that we do every other season of the year. Normally police departments across the country see an up-tick in crimes like home break-ins, car break-ins, purse snatching, and shoplifting.


We need to pay more attention to our surroundings. We need to remember to lock our doors on our cars and homes. Never leave any valuables unsecured or in plain sight. Put purses, valuables, laptop computers, and cell phones out of sight. Never leave valuables unsecured in your truck bed. The above things do nothing, but help the thieves to take from us what we have worked hard to get.


If you do have an unfortunate incident where this happens please call LMPD and report the crime. We have dozens of items that get put in the property room yearly that we have no owner or report to match. Most of our extra patrols are based on crime reports and if we don’t know we can’t focus on those areas.


Please help us to keep Middletown a great place to live, shop, and visit.