City Of Middletown Special Meeting May 19, 2016

Posted: May 17, 2016

1. Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance
2. Silent reading of minutes from regular meeting 4-14-16
3. Silent reading of Treasurer’s Report
4. Middletown Cemetery Association, Inc., Board of Trustees
      a) Financial Report
      b) Other Business
5. Announcements
6. Police Update – Sgt. White
7. Museum Moment
8. Middletown Chamber Update
9. Municipal Order 05-19-16-C 15LSCAPE1206, Garrett Apts., Echelon at Middletown Landscape Plan & Tree Preservation Plan Approval
10. Municipal Order 05-19-16-A Awarding Bid Community Center, Interior Demolition
11. Motion to reject all Community Center, Membrane Roof Replacement Bids
12. Municipal Order 05-19-16-B Snow Contract Extension
13. Reach Alert Discussion
14. Projects reports and/or updates
15. Attorney’s Report
16. Comments from the floor
17. Adjournment