Concerts in the Park – Why Concerts are Cancelled

For many years, the City of Middletown has sponsored a monthly Concert in the Park from May through October. We enjoy the opportunity for our residents coming together to enjoy and afternoon of good entertainment and free food. It is wonderful to see the hundreds of our friends and neighbors enjoy a wholesome and safe venue. This year, we have had to cancel the June and July concerts due to inclement weather. Several of you have called to inquired why. Please allow me to explain how we determine to hold or cancel a concert.

First of all, most of our entertainment are professional and these acts are booked months in advance. Because of their professional status and other concert bookings, rain dates are not considered when signing these contracts. July was a bit unusual. The Joey Constantine Band was available for Sunday, July 22nd, so we attempted to have this as a rain date performance.

On the day of the concerts, the Middletown Lions Club, who prepares and serves the hamburgers, cheeseburgers, brats and hot dogs, begins their set-up at 2:30pm, with food preparation and grilling beginning at 3:00pm in order to begin serving food and drinks at 5:00pm. The bands usually arrive between 3:00-3:30pm to set up their instruments and the company who provides the sound system and speakers arrives at the same time.

The highest priority we have for these concerts is to have a safe venue for you. For both the June and July concert dates, Middletown experienced severe storms and received significant amounts of rain prior to the concerts. There were sections of Wetherby Park that had standing water. Because there is electric current running between the pavilion to the control center for the sound system, electricity and standing water becomes dangerous. We do not want to endanger our citizens, the band or anyone to an unsafe environment. In addition, we check with the National Weather Service and look at local weather radar to see if storms will appear during the concert times. For June and July, the forecast was such we did not feel confident that storms would stay way during our concert times. Therefore, the decision was made not to hold these events.

When the weather in nice, Wetherby Park is a wonderful place to gather and enjoy good music. And because all of our Concerts in the Park are held outdoors, we are subject to good and bad weather. Let’s hope we will be able to enjoy wonderful weather for the remainder of our concerts this year.

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