Crime Increase Notice For All Metro Louisville Residents And Businesses

Posted: September 29, 2015

From: Sergeant Michael Armin White 8th Division Administrative/ Small


In Metro Louisville we are seeing an increase in crimes like break-in to cars, homes, car thefts, and general thefts.  Most of these crimes are preventable.  With a little help from the citizens of Metro Louisville we can stop most of this crime from occurring.  To prevent these crimes is just to use common sense and secure your items.


Most home break-ins are occurring because a point of access was left unlocked or open.  Doors and windows should be closed and locked when you are not at home.   How many of your neighbors leave a garage door up all day or all night?  This makes it easy for someone to come in and take whatever they want.  Even worse many of us don’t lock the door that goes from the garage to the house – now a thief has access to the house and you may never know they were there until you have large credit card bills because they took a credit card.  If you have a home alarm – set it.  This is an added layer of insurance.  Don’t leave valuable items out in the yard unattended.  We see many thefts of bikes, lawn mowers, and other expensive tools because people left them out unsecured. 


Most of us go out to eat, a coffee shop, or to the grocery.  Thieves frequent these places as they know they will find items left unattended.  Purses, wallets, lap top computers, and cell phones are attractive items that we leave unattended every day. 


Car thefts are growing across Metro Louisville.  Most car thefts occur because the keys to the car are in the car somewhere easy to find.  Cup holders, center consoles, glove boxes are all common places.  Many of the cars are left unlocked.  Some cars have been left unlocked and running.  This makes it so easy to have your car stolen. 


Car break-ins are seeing the biggest increase.  Cars are often left unlocked or the windows are left down.  Sitting in plain view on the seat or in the floor will be a purse, computer, GPS, or some other item a thief will want.  Some windows have even been broken to go after these items.  Lock your cars and roll up the windows.  Put your valuables out of sight – lock them in your trunk or put them in a compartment or under a seat.  If they can’t be seen, thieves have no reason to get in the car.  We have seen a few break-ins where the owner left to exercise and the keys were left in the gas tank or on top of the tire.  This makes it easy for thieves to get in the vehicle.  Please take your keys with you.


To sum everything up:   Lock your doors.  Don’t leave your keys in or around your vehicle.  Put your valuables out of sight.  Never leave your valuables unattended.