Mayor Chapman attended the Wounded Warrior Deer Hunt the second week of November

Posted: November 27, 2012

Pictured with Mayor Chapman is James T. Duncan who is on the Board of Directors for Wounded Warriors.

Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass has partnered with Kentucky Utilities, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, Hunters for the Hungry, and a number of local businesses and landowners to host the first annual Central Kentucky Wounded Warrior Deer Hunt.

As an organization, we were honored to have the opportunity to give back to those who have sacrificed so much. This program directly lines up with our mission and is merely an extension of one of the programs that we offered in the past 3 years, which included: programming for military families through the Military Extension Adventure Camps, Operation Military Kids, and other partnerships.

In addition to helping provide over 1,000 pounds of meat for needy military families, this event helped 11 injured service members and their families strengthen relationships, build a community, and experience nature’s healing properties. The weekend was best summed up by one wounded warrior who said, “This event changed our lives; it helped to revive our spirits and renew our sense of self-worth.” Another warrior told us that we were in fact “saving lives” by helping these injured service men and women find recreational activities that they can participate in despite the challenges that they are currently facing.

In addition to making this an annual event, we are actively seeking individuals and businesses who will partner with us in the future to offer additional programs for wounded warriors and their families.

If you are interested in supporting programs
for Wounded Warriors, please contact:
Byron Marlowe
Program Manager
Life Adventure Center
(859) 873 – 3271