Public Notices

Ordinance Summaries


07-09-20-A Revising Chapter 91 & 07-09-20-B Noise Ordinance

07-09-20-A Chapter 91 & 07-09-20-B Noise Summary

07-09-20-A Revising Chapter 91 Streets & Sidewalks

07-09-20-B Noise Ordinance

Ordinance 02-14-19-A Summary

02-14-19-A Ins. Premium Summary.pdf

03-14-19-A and 03-14-19-B for publication.pdf

Ordinances 05-30-19-A Amending the Budget, 05-30-10-B Setting Tax Rate & 05-30-19-C Enacting a Budget

Summary Statement: 05-30-19-A 05-30-19-B 05-30-19-C.pdf

05-30-19-A Amending the Budget.pdf

05-30-19-B Setting Tax Rate.pdf

05-30-19-C Enacting a Budget.pdf

Statement of Publication 06-13-19-A

06-13-19-A Closure of a Public Right of Way

07-11-19-A Repealing Sampling License for Publication.pdf

07-11-19-A Sampling License Repeal.pdf

Publication Notification 08-08-19-A and 08-08019-B

08-08-19-A Drainage.pdf

08-08-19-B Investment Policy.pdf

Publication Notification: 10-10-19-A Audit and 09-12-19-A Small Cell Publication.pdf

Municipal Order 10-10-19-A Audit FY 2018-2019.pdf

Ordinance 09-12-19-A Small Cell Tower.pdfPublication

Notification: 02-13-20-A 19ZONE0057 Clover Summary

Ordinance 02-13-20-A 19ZONE0057 Clover Senior

Publication 03-12-20-A Code of Ordinances

03-12-20-A Adopting Code of Ordinances

05-14-20-A 05-28-20-A and 05-28-20-B Publication

05-14-20-A Setting the Tax Rate

05-28-20-A Amending the Budget

05-28-20-B Enacting a Budget

Newspaper Publication Requirements for City of Middletown

Effective April 2020 House Bill 195 changed the publication requirements for certain cities. The City of Middletown publishing requirements for ordinances, audits and bid solicitations has changed as a result of this bill. Publications you are accustomed to finding in the newspaper are now available in full on our website.

HB195: Publishing requirements: Notwithstanding KRS83A.060, 91A.040, Chapter 424, a county containing a population of more than 90,000 or any city within a county containing a population of more than 90,000, as determined by the 2010 US Census, may publish enacted ordinances, audits and bid solicitations by posting the full ordinances, the full audit report including the auditors opinion letter, or the bid solicitations on an internet web site maintained by the county or city government for a period of at least one year. If a county or city publishes ordinances, audits, or bid solicitations on an internet web site, the county or city shall also publish an advertisement in a newspaper qualified in accordance with KRS 424.120, with a description of the ordinances, audits, or bid solicitations published on the internet web site, including the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) where the documents can be viewed.

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