Urton Lane and Shelbyville Rd. Proposed Project Update

Posted: September 03, 2010

The City of Middletown has received a number of calls and letters regarding the proposed project at Urton Lane and Shelbyville Road, which is now before the Louisville Metro Planning Commission. The City of Middletown will ultimately be responsible to make the final decision whether this development should be approved or not. The Louisville Metro Planning Commission issues a recommendation as to whether it believes the project is in compliance with the Land Development Code (and other regulations).

Since this issue will come before the City Commissioners for decision, it is very important that the City protect the record on which it will act from allegations of bias. Therefore, no Middletown City official can expression a position for, or against, the proposal prior to the matter coming before the City Commission for decision. However, the City can and will help its residents to understand the process and get their voice heard.

There are two public opportunities to make your views known on this project. The first meeting is the neighborhood meeting, which occurs in the very early stages of any project. This is an informal meeting at which the developer invites surrounding property owners to voice their opinions on the project. This meeting is not a part of the Planning Commission official record, but it is a pre-requisite for the Planning Commission official process to go forward.

The second public meeting is the official public hearing on the project. This is the meeting at which the Planning Commission takes testimony that becomes part of the official record. Statute requires that each property owner adjacent to the site get a notice of the date and time of the public hearing. At this hearing, you can put your comments and information into the official record of the case.

At the public hearing, or immediately following the public hearing, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation as to whether the property should be re-zoned. From the date of that decision, the City of Middletown has 90 days to act on the recommendation. Middletown can either accept or deny the recommendation of the Planning Commission.

Middletown meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at the City Hall., located 11803 Shelbyville Road. Middletown will usually decide these issues at a regular meeting, but it does sometimes schedule larger rezoning request for a special meeting. The public will be provided notice of the Middletown meeting and all Middletown meetings are open to the public.

At this time, there is a project dealing with 175 acres, located at 12950 Shelbyville Road and 200, 250, 200, 12923 and 13309 Urton Lane. This project is in the initial phase of the process. The neighborhood meeting has been held, but the public hearing has not yet been set. We understand that this project will not go to a public hearing until Spring of 2011.

It very important for those of you concerned about this project to attend the Planning Commission hearings and make your comments and concerns part of this official record. The City will continue to issue updates as the case progresses.